xPentupGlam AUG2014IMG_2091Weekly performances by Burlesque dancers and other artists, you can book a table or seating and dine with us which includes free entry or just come into the air-conditioned comfort and chill out. Entry for none diners is $15 p/p.

You can choose from the tapas menu and enjoy a cocktail or two – themed of course.

We also have an array of board games and packs of cards to choose from. Don’t be shy just ask for them.

Every second Thursday from the 8th November we have a group called sessions attend. This group is a community collaboration group of artists. The models and performers are novice and are in training to gain more confidence as are the photographers and sketch artists. All there to quench their thirst for art and learn more from each other. Anyone is welcome to attend this. Entry is $15 p/p.

Once a month we have a special guest/event keep an eye out on our facebook page and event calendar to find out what’s next.



Calamari  $12

Salt and Pepper Calamari  (6) pieces with a side of chips 12

Oysters per ½ Dozen

Natural  15.9

Bloody Mary Shooters   28.9

Kilpatrick    22.9

Wings 250g $12

With dipping Sauces

Blues Rolls $16

Pork and blue cheese in a spring roll pastry fried til golden

Edamame Dipping Plate  $18

Edamame,olives,halloumi,2 dips and grilled bread

Just Fries  $7.5

Loaded fries  $9.5

Bacon and cheese or pulled pork and gravey

Bruschetta  $8.5

Garlic Pizza bread  $9.9

BBQ Pork Ribs 250 g  $12

Haloumi  Skewers Grilled $12

served with seasonal vegetables 

Wedges  $14.9

Seasoned potato wedges with cheese, bacon, sour cream and sweet chilli sauce

Tasting Plate    $18

 Selection of 4 of the above dishes in sample portions. (Excludes wedges and fries)


Espresso Martini $12

Espresso shot with Vodka, Kahlua and a dash of sugar syrup

Tom Collins $12

Gin, Lemon and Soda over ice

Nu Orleans Fireball $12

Cinnamon and whiskey blended with apple cider

West Side $10

Gin, Lime juice, Elderflower cordial and mint

Frozen Lagoon $10

Blue Curacao, Vodka, with crushed ice and lemonade

Old Fashioned $14

Single malt Whiskey, sugar syrup, bitters and a twist of orange

Martini $12

Vodka or Gin, Dry Vermouth, Stirred with or without Olives – as dirty as you like

Manhattan $14

Whiskey, Sweet Vermouth, Bitters and sugar syrup

Snake bite $10

1/2 beer 1/2 cider

Bump and Grind $10

Espresso shot with vodka and floated cream (Keto)

Assle $14

Peach Schnapps, Triple Sec, crushed ice and guava juice